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Beauty of Windows and doors since 1998, is a set design, development, production, sales in the integration of modern household doors and Windows company, the company headquarters is located in tsuen wan, New Territories, Hong Kong green mountain nan fung centre, the mainland production base is located in foshan, guangdong in the south China sea water town, covers an area of more than 80000 square meters, has a modern standard workshops and advanced aluminum alloy doors and Windows manufacturing equipment, the introduction of complete sets of numerical control technology and intelligent production line, the use of computer network management system, industrial scale in the same industry, the company product line covers a sliding door, push-pull window, open the door, window and sun room, the room doors and Windows custom matching series.

Meizhixuan doors and Windows has more than 800 stores, covering more than 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, anytime and anywhere to provide customers with personalized doors and Windows customized services. Honor comes from the strength, the heart cast brilliant. More than 20 years of wind and rain deep plowing, Meizhexuan doors and Windows has achieved fruitful results, become the vice president of the national industrial and commercial industry units, through the Chinese environmental label product certification, and has won the aluminum alloy doors and Windows top ten brands, industry leading brand, the most popular consumer brand, industry excellent brand and many other heavyweight honors.

President of message

Chairman of the board of directors

MZX Always adhere to the

"Concentration, focus, professional" enterprise development purpose,

Carry forward and practice the spirit of craftsmanship;

With cutting-edge technology to create high-end quality.

Step by step, steadfast; One step at a time, there is no end.

Committed to creating the world's best doors and Windows products, based in China, toward the world.

Achievement yourself, achievement of others, for success and come!

Chairman of the board of directors:
The enterprise culture
Beauty. The eternal choice

We believe that life can be varied and a home can be customized to be unique.

The space is small, the dream is big.

The choice of every kind of material, the grasp of every line,

The design of each kind of function, the collocation of each kind of color, can be called exquisite and unsurpassed.

Humanized design gives consideration to visual, auditory, tactile and functional effects.

Starting from the truth, the choice of beauty and eternity.

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